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What is this?

A Triolet

I love to write hard poetry
I think traditional's the best
And I hope others might agree.
I love to write hard poetry,
And writing so others can see
I like the challenge and the test.
I like to write hard poetry
I think traditional's the best.

A Rondeau

I need to earn some money, fast
In order to help pay for class
And all the things that school entails,
Like room and board, and books, and bail;
Okay, so maybe not the last.

And maybe for the breaks that pass-
We all know the high cost of gas.
I hope this project doesn't fail,
I need to earn some money, fast.

I'll write the poem if you just ask
Select the topic and the cast
And then we can exchange e-mails
To clarify the choice and sale
And I will write your poem at last--
I need to earn some money, fast.

Essentially, you tell me what style of poem (from the listed choices) you'd like, and what you want it to be about. I'll write it for you, as best as the format and my own skill allow. I retain all copyrights, but you obviously have permission to display the poem, or gift it to someone else.

You know, these would probably make really good gifts- who wouldn't want a love sonnet written to them? Or even better, a sestina, or a villanelle? Traditional poetry means love, seriously- history will attest to that.

Or maybe you want something to commerate a child's birth, or a pet, or maybe you just really like squirrels. Whatever you want, I'll do my best to do it justice. Do you want it humourous, or serious? Passionate or remote?

There's really no better way to dump someone, either.

This is what happens.

1.) You decide what style of poem you'd like, and the topic.
2.) Send me an e-mail at poetryondemand@gmail.com, specifying your decision.
3.) I will reply to your e-mail, and we will discuss the selected topic and style, so that I can get a better feel of what you want.
4.) I write your poem.
5.) You send money to my PayPal account.
6.) I e-mail you the poem, or for extra money I can print it up all fancy and frame it for you, and send it to you via snail-mail.
7.) We are both, hopefully, satisfied with the transaction.

Anyway, the poems are priced according to how difficult I find that particular style, and, in general, the length. Here's the chart:

Haiku* - $1
Tanka* - $1
Limerick* - $1
Sonnet - $5
Rondeau -$5
Triolet - $5
Sestina - $10
Villanelle - $10
Ghazal - $10

*The one-dollar poems are for in-person sales only. Edit: In response to a friend's request, you can order a haiku, tanka, or limerick, if you are willing to convince me, or if it is part of a larger order.

Please keep in mind that it would be a violation of academic integrity policies if you were to submit one of my poems for your Creative Writing or English classes. Homie don't play that.

For more information on each style of poetry, click on the particular type, or scroll down to find all of the explanations. Every poem on this site is Copyright 2000-2005, Laurie Hayes.


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