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A sonnet is a fourteen-line poem which has a set rhyme scheme. There are two rhyme schemes typically taught in high school- the Shakespearean (Elizabethan) and the Italian (Petrarchan). The Shakespearean sonnet is divided into three stanzas of four lines each, and an ending couplet, with a rhyme scheme of abab cdcd efef gg. The Italian sonnet is usually two stanzas, one eight lines (an octet) and one six lines (a sestet), with a rhyme scheme that tends towards variation: the octet is usually either abbaabba or abbacddc, and the sestet is usually xyzxyz or xyxyxy.

In requesting a sonnet, you can specify which rhyme scheme you prefer.

The sonnet usually focuses on one idea, which it builds in the beginning , and usually resolves, in some way, in the final two lines (or sestet).

In terms of meter, most sonnets are written in iambic pentameter, so if you would like the poem written in another meter, you simply have to request it. The default is iambic pentameter.

The Battle Has Been Won

The fiery pits of Hell produced a beast
Who rose up from the horrid lake of fire
The earth was then the platter for its feast
Our only hope for life could come from higher

The page was written long before it started
We all knew who would triumph in the end
Fear now the one who is still empty-hearted
Fear not the one that Jesus calls His friend

The way, the Truth, the Life, the Only Son
Already conquered evil on the cross
The hills rejoice “The Battle has been won!”
Although for us to gain He must be lost

The praise is all for God, the Son, and Ghost
Of all your loves, you should love Them the most.


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thanks for this info, its really helped me study for an english test i have tomoz, which i didn't have all the notes for.
thanks heaps!


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